Puppy Supplies

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Before deciding to become a puppy’s parent, consider how the breed fits your lifestyle. Once you’re sure you have the right puppy, you’ll need supplies for your new buddy.

  • crate (traveling, sleeping, & a safe “time out” place) – discuss with us.  We usually suggest the crate be comfortable, but not too large – a crate that’s too large is a crate with a “bathroom area.” Typical sizes by Vari kennel (R):
    • Beagle – Vari kennel 200 Medium = 28″L x 20.5″W x 21.5″H
    • Harrier female – Vari kennel 300 Intermediate = 32″L x 22.5W x 24″H
    • Harrier male  -Vari kennel 400 Large = 36″L x 25″W x 27″H
    • Foxhound – Vari kennel 500 X-Large = 39″L x 26″W x 30″H
  • book: “How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
  • fluffy “lambskin.” Sold at dog shows, these polyester “fluffies” are excellent crate pads – easily washed and bleached as necessary, they’re resilient, comfortable, and if your puppy does have an accident, they partially isolate the dog from the wet spot, and dry quickly. Old
  • metal food dish, metal or ceramic water dish (easily sanitized, indestructible)
  • toys: “Kong”, nylabones, bleached bones (available at dog shows)
  • quality food: Eukanuba, IAMS, Pro Plan, Science Diet
  • cleaning fluid (Clorox Clean-Up works!) & paper towels
  • bags to dispose of waste
  • walking lead (a choke can be used with instruction at a puppy class after the puppy is at least a year old), leash, collar, tags
  • wash & protection shampoo*
  • Biospot, heartworm pills

*We use Freshpet (available at dog shows), but gentle dog shampoo from PetSmart is fine. Hounds are easy care- dirt comes out in 3-5 minutes.  Rub your puppy down with a soft towel, and after a half-hour in a crate, you’ve got a fresh puppy! You only need to wash about once a month or when your puppy’s rolled in something and smells.  Too-frequent shampoos cause skin irritation & dandruff.

We invite you to visit our kennels near Atlanta, Georgia to acquaint yourself with the puppies and meet their family. By appointment (kevin@jackpotbgl.com or call 770-513-3243), we have family visits when you can come out, ask questions, and play with the hounds in the yard.