Available Beagles

No puppies available at this time.

Occasionally, an older dog (1-6 years) gets bored of showing, so we make them available for sale as a companion. 

For details, contact us at




Puppy prices and Reservations

When pups are available, the price for a pup is $2000. Our reservation process is as follows:

  1. To start a conversation about buying a pup, email jackpotkennels@outlook.com
  2. After a successful conversation with you, we accept a $500, non-refundable deposit that reserves a pup for you, with the remainder due when a pup is ready to go to your home.
  3. We ship in the USA for the actual cost of airline ticket, crate, and health certificate (if available, budget about $600) or ground transportation. Outside the USA, we will discuss arrangements.

Jackpot Beagle Pups

We’ve been showing and breeding beagles to show for over twenty years. Pups we choose not to show are available as pets.

  • Pups will go to homes no earlier than nine weeks old.
  • Pups are sold on contracts that require they be neutered/spayed before one year of age.
  • On arrival at their new home, Jackpot pups have two sets of vaccinations, as well as a neopar at 5 weeks of age, and a microchip.
  • Pups are registered with the AKC (limited/non-breeding contract).
  • See our Facebook site for testimonials and photos, posted by proud owners of our pups.

Beagle Puppy Quick Facts


Yes – tri-color beagles are born black and white, as shown above.

  • Fur that is white at birth, stays white.
  • Fur that is black at birth may stay black or fade to brown.

You can see the mother in the photo above is black, white, and brown, just as her puppies will be when they grow up.

Red-and-white puppies have faint red markings on a white background at birth. They have no black fur. Anything that is fain red at birth may darken to a deeper red or brown with age.


Are you looking for a certain size beagle? Both 13″ and 15″ beagles are born into the same litters, so we can hazard a guess but can’t guarantee a pup’s adult size.

  • A beagle measuring even a quarter-inch over over 13″ at the shoulder (‘withers’) is considered a 15″ beagle.
  • Adult beagles closer to 13″ weigh about 20lbs, while adult 15″ beagles may weigh 25-30lbs. LOL – assuming they’re on a proper exercise/diet regimen.

Beagles are always hungry and will overeat if given the opportunity.

Kennel Visits

After pups are 5 weeks old we welcome visits to our kennel BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 😊. To make an appointment, email us at jackpotkennels@outlook.com