We love beagles for their independence, for their creative mischief, and for their joyful happiness.

The sub-headings under the “Beagle” button include details about several aspects of Beagles that might interest you.

  • Beagle Basics discusses general statistics as well as characteristics that vary by individual and health issues found in the Beagle breed.
  • Star-struck? Our Superstars page shows a few of the pups who’ve gone on to Hollywood.
  • Beagle History offers a window into their personality, temperament, and traits, which can often be traced to the purpose for which a particular breed of dogs was intended.
  • Show Beagles discusses our interest and experience in AKC shows, although our pups have also gone on to impressive careers in Hollywood and on Hallmark cards, and showing in the UKC.
  • Beagles In Your Family includes home-grown anecdotes and advice based on twenty years of experience with Beagles.
  • Check out Beagle Puppy FAQs for details about adding a Beagle to your family.