Beagle Puppy FAQs

We sell beagles in three ways: as companions (who will not be shown),  as show beagles, and occasionally as a combination of the two, as the buyer’s companion but who remain available for the breeding and showing programs at Jackpot (the pup’s breeder). We do not sell puppies for home breeding purposes.

Our adoption process includes an interview to ensure you and the beagle are suited. There are many breeds, and beagles are not for everyone. Be sure to read up on beagle puppies and about beagles in general, or learn about puppy litters. We recommend the book, How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With.

At what age can my puppy come home with me?

Your beagle can come home with you at no fewer than nine (9) weeks of age.

We encourage you to visit us and play with your puppy from as young as four weeks, but we will not send a puppy home until they have had a chance to grow, to adjust to life away from mum,  and to build up immunities. We provide their first two (2) immunization shots and a microchip.

What is your spay/neuter policy?

At the time of purchase you sign an AKC limited spay/neuter agreement, which means that unless you specifically purchase your puppy for the purpose of showing, you will have your vet perform the procedure as soon as the puppy is of age.

Will my new puppy require shots and vet appointments immediately?

Your puppy won’t need the third set of shots for three to four weeks after they come home with you. It’s always a good idea to acquaint your new puppy with your family vet, but that’s more for your peace of mind than out of necessity.  We send your puppy home with two sets of shots and a microchip implant that vet or animal shelters can use to immediately identify your pet.

How and when are kennel visits scheduled?

Kennel visits are scheduled on weekends and holidays, according to our work and show schedules. Call us to ask about a specific weekend (and we’ll ask you to confirm again the Friday before you come) to set a time and to get directions to our home.

We invite you to visit our kennels near Atlanta, Georgia to acquaint yourself with the puppies and meet their family. By appointment ( or call 770-513-3243), we have family visits when you can come out, ask questions, and play with the beagles.

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