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Jackpot Hounds and our partners Kingsbury Hounds welcome you.2011 Jan 16 Gypsy 8



Contact Kevin and Kim at 770-513-3243 or to reserve a puppy today!

We are also eager to serve your boarding needs at so when you’re going out of town or when your dog needs a stay at “summer camp” please contact us at 770-513-3243.


Kingsbury in California expects harrier puppies.  Contact Donna at 760-377-4758 or














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  1. Cindy Williams

    Hi Kevin,
    Is it true that your website is currently under construction? Are the older kennel links still up somewhere? I am trying to show my husband your beautiful kennel setup as we are in the process of putting in a new grooming shop and eventually a kennel as well and I love the look of yours.

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