Puppies Available

Kingsbury Hounds has two physical locations on opposite sides of the USA: the high desert in California (Kingsbury West), and near Atlanta, Georgia (Kingsbury East).

Katelyn and dale casualTypically we breed Beagles, Harriers and English Foxhounds in Georgia and only Harriers in California.

Of course we have puppies available occasionally, but we also have younger and older adults available.    Sometimes a hound gets to be a year or two old and we decide that it’s not cut out to be a show or hunting hound and we find a good companion home.    Other times a retiring show dog or retired mother is looking for that retirement sofa and family to love.     The pages below list available puppies and adults of each breed.




12 Replies to “Puppies Available”

  1. Manny

    My wife and I are looking for a red beagle puppy ideally from champion parents. Do you have any in this litter? Feel free to call me 3059795196

    Manny & Brianna

  2. Sherrie

    Hi Kevin, I’m looking for a beagle puppy. I live in Atlanta. Will you have any this spring?

  3. Tom Giasullo

    Just lost our precious Harrier ‘Sport’ after 12 1/2 years. He was a wonderful companion. We are ready to bring another harrier into our family so we are looking for harrier puppies. Do you have any available at this time.


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